Thursday, September 1, 2011

No Casino in Rockford

No Casino in Rockford is a grass-roots, bi-partisan coalition dedicated to keeping Rockford, Illinois, casino-free. Our immediate goal is to persuade Governor Quinn to veto SB 744, the massive gambling expansion bill passed by the Illinois General Assembly.

To take action now to support our efforts:

1. Sign this petition and get as many others to sign as possible.

2. Circulate petitions to obtain at least 1500 signatures in support keeping Rockford casino-free. To receive a blank petition, email

3. Encourage people to call Governor Quinn and ask him to veto SB 744. Call all three numbers:

4. Write letters to the editor of the Rockford Register Star, expressing your opposition to a casino in Rockford.

5. Participate in picketing or direct action against gambling interests. Email for more information on a planned event.

6. Educate yourself through posts and links on this blog about the harmful effects of predatory gambling.

7. To be added to our email list for future communications email

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